Tae kwon do is a modern martial art characterized by its fast, high and spinning kicks.
to strike or block with foot
to strike or block with hand
the way of Art
Tae kwon do has no age limits and is a good sport for children and adults. The objectives of Tae kwon do is to develop appreciation for the martial art as a sport and art, achieve physical fitness through positive participation, improve mental discipline, learn self-defense and achieve a sense of responsibility for one’s self and others.

Group Instruction: Registration Fee Ages 4-12 Adults

Group Instruction: Registration Fee  Ages 4-12 Adults

Classes are 1 hour*

Class Times:
Children's Beginners T/Th 5pm-6pm 4 -12 years old
Children's Advanced T/Th 6pm.-7 pm.
Adults T/Th 7 p.m.-8 p.m.

Tae kwon do is taught by Master Kevin Buck and assisted by John Raymond, 2nd Dan.For information call 361-992-7100 ext. 1148